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Deformulation: Reverse Engineering

Deformulation involves formulating a product by starting with the already finished competitive product and working backwards – conducting reverse engineering through laboratory testing and analysis.

Examples of scenarios where reverse engineering would be helpful include:

  • Determining the contents of foods and supplements.
  • Identifying what has been added to food products or supplements..
  • Determining the contents and sources of flavors, scents, ingredients, and preservatives used in the food, beverage, and supplementl industries.
  • Determining why the competition’s products have longer shelf lives.
  • Determining the contents of synthetic, commercial, and home concoctions/remedies.
  • Identifying how a product has become "new and improved."
  • Establishing how to make your own products or improve on an existing product..

A multi-level program for laboratory testing and laboratory analysis can be developed with clients to maximize budget dollars. Main components and/or trace level additives can be replicated in various stages to allow the clients to verify performance or try their own ideas.


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