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Sending Refrigerated Samples

The following recommendations are for clients shipping samples to NutriData for nutritional analysis. NutriData recommends using dry ice or another means of refrigeration. Because state and federal regulations change regularly, clients should always check with their shipping department to ensure regulatory compliance.

  • If it is preferable to send samples under refrigerated conditions, NutriData advises that you package them in a Styrofoam cooler equipped with cold packs or dry ice. SAMPLES SHOULD NEVER BE REFRIGERATED WITH WET ICE.

  • It is important to pack your sample(s) with cushioning materials (such as paper towels) to prevent movement inside the Styrofoam cooler. Cushioning reduces the likelihood that your sample(s) will be damaged by the chilling materials or by movement during shipping.

  • The Styrofoam cooler should be packaged inside a strong cardboard box for shipping. Many carriers will not accept Styrofoam boxes that are not enclosed inside a sturdy cardboard box.

  • In the event that a packing box is being re-used, make sure that all labels and markings from previous use have been removed or covered over. Many carriers will not accept packing boxes that show more than one set of shipping information. All visible markings on the box must pertain to the sample(s) being sent.

  • Any packages that contain dry ice must allow for the release of carbon dioxide gas. In this situation, the cardboard box must meet these requirements:

  • A Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods # 9 hazard label, firmly affixed to the outside of the box
  • A label indicating "Carbon Dioxide, solid UN1845" firmly affixed to the outside of the box
  • A label displaying the net weight of the dry ice, firmly affixed to the outside of the box
  • An air waybill containing the following information: Classification (i.e. Carbon Dioxide, solid, 9, UN1845); number of packages in shipment; net quantity of dry ice per package

  • Packages should be shipped overnight, please inform NutriData that samples are expected so that we can assure you safe receipt of your materials.

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